Nextcloud -- how to keep up to date?

I would like to know, what is the strategy now to keep the Nextcloud up to date with official releases? We do have 16.0.9 in TOS 5.0.0 but the actual version of Nextcloud is 18.0.4.

Before with TOS 3.x you were more less keeping Nextcloud on TOS in sync with official release but this got now completely off. Is there any plan how bring it to sync again? I know there is a version 17.x in TOS 5.1 but I would appreciate if the most recent version would make it into TOS 5.0.0.


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And version 18 may be in TOS 5.2.

I would appreciate if somebody from Turris team comment on this question.

I see a potential issue with branch switching and version changes of Nextcoud. Essentially if you install a newer version of Turris OS and therefore also a newer Nextcloud, there is no way back. The “downgrade” of Nextcloud is not supported.

And why you need downgrade TOS?

Hi, The Nextcloud version 16 is not supported anymore: Is there a plan to upgrade Nextcloud to recent version in HBS branch?

Previously I updated the core from v16 to v18 using the built in update, however several functions didn’t work.
The new Turris OS 5.0.3 did revert Nextcloud to v17, and it made things worse, I had to delete/reinstall Nextcloud again.
Updating the core is not recommended as reported in the guide.
My Nextcloud installation is only for testing, not in production.