Nextcloud from reForis - limitations

Hi, I’m on Turris OS 5.1.4. I decided to install Nextcloud to take advantage of my 500GB mSATA drive. The installation was very simple, but I found some anomalies in the platform and I would like to confirm that the problem is with the “embedded” version of Nextcloud on Turris OS. These are the anomalies:

  • it is not possible to add an email address to the admin profile and therefore it is not possible to receive emails for password recovery and more;

  • not all external applications of complete Nextcloud are available: for example, integration to calendar or contacts and others;

  • it is not possible to activate the two-step verification (the section exists in the settings, but the part to activate it is missing);

  • there is no cache for the mysql database (but this should depend on the need to use few resources);

  • it is not possible to enable data encryption even if you activate the default cryptographic module (in fact my data is in clear text on the mSATA disk in the / srv / www / nextcloud / data directory).

Someone using Nextcloud’s version of reForis can confirm these limitations. If the problem was in my configuration, it could point me to online help.
Anyone know a step by step guide to install Nextcloud in an LXC container?


I can confirm the same trouble with e-mail here on my Mox 5.1.5 too. There is not possible to insert admin e-mail here and password recovery via e-mail is not working properly.


But your container has to be Ubuntu 20.04!