Nextcloud Failing

Turris Mox is failing with “404 not found” error. Forris shows an update error which probably explains why Mox is not working - see below. I am simply reporting a problem. Mostly update errors are fixed by a timely new release, so I will wait for this to come through. I am hoping/waiting . . waiting for a fix that will give us all the Nextcloud Apps that other users enjoy.

Updater failed:

runtime: [string “requests”]:417: [string “utils”]:420: Getting URI ( failed: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’

Nextcloud is still not accessible here. Currently using release 5.1.8. It stopped working at some point after the system was updated.

Ok, nothing is working. The plan to wait for a fix has not happened.
On the 404 Not Found Web Page, the Firefox console shows the following. Could this be causing my problem? Any ideas where to look?

“The character encoding of the HTML document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations . . . snip”

This is resolved. It was user error on my part. I have my nextcloud data storage plugged in to a usb 3 port. I was using the wrong disk.

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