Nextcloud couldn't handle big files

Hi i habe installed nextcloud with the Methode of the wiki but Ehen i am trying to upload a Film (8GB). My Turris Omnia gets a CPU load of constantly 100% l and uploads nearly nothing for about an hour and then it stop with the interrup unknowen error is this normal?

Sorry for my Bad english and thanks for your help

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If you try to upload it via web interface, it will fail. PHP is broken (not ours, but in general) and can’t handle big files on 32bits. At least that was a case few years ago. You can use desktop client, that one sends the file in pieces.

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@miska thanks for your response, sorry that i havent’t gäbe you this info i used the Android APP

@RadoslavCap thanks for your help i will try this when i am home

I also have the “Flow Upload” app on my NextCloud 11 installation.

Hello, I’m facing probably related issue. I have no problems to upload large file (video captured on phone). Android client was able to upload 800MB file (from web, it is because the client upload file in chunks). So far so good.
Once I’ve opened my pc with NetxCloud client on Fedora 30, as soon as it starts to synchronize files, it consumes all memory on my MOX with 1GB of RAM including all swap space. Same behavior is reproducible using Windows NextCloud client.
Several megabytes files and photos are no issue, but once video file size is over 100MB, it seems to start being an issue, despite sometimes 130MB file was synchronized (retrieve from MOX to desktop client). I wanted get rid of DropBox, but it does not seems to be feasible.

Are there some configuration settings available to limit NetxCloud/PHP/MySQL memory consumption?
Thanks Ales

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Limiting memory consumption likely won’t help you if the tool is trying to load the whole file from disk into memory before serving it to the clients.

Uff, I’d expect such behavior in case I’ll try to download the file using web browser, but I’m soo surprised having this issue using desktop client, where I’d expect large files might be easily spited into chunks, moreover, upload works exacly that way. That Is why I’m looking for a misconfiguration I did, or something I can optimize, but all what I’ve found on NextCloud web was related to enlarging memory consumption…
If your comment is exact, it mean I can’t use MOX for NexCloud, since I’ve discovered this issue just by failed deskop sync of videos uploaded from phone.
Well, extending SWAP using some fast USB stick does not seems to me to be right idea… is there any better workaround?

I honestly don’t know how it works under the hood. I’ve looked at the source code of the project once and it didn’t convince me quality-wise.

I think the swap idea is actually the easiest solution. You may see some performance degradation, but that might be acceptable in your case.

OK, in that case, I’ll try to add some SSD and use part of it as swap, not a nice solution, but better than nothing and most of the auto uploaded files are photos not causing any memory issues.

Thanks for your comments!