Nextcloud 24 broken

I’ve recently got Nextcloud 24 update from reForis updater. But now, after logging the user, just leads to a blank page in Firefox or an Error 500 page in Chrome.

I don’t know what has changed and what’s the problem. Anybody else have the same issue?

Which device?
No problems fo me in Omnia. Basic Nextcloud installation.

Omnia and pretty basic installation too I guess. Just was trying it, no important data inside yet fortunately.

Any idea what would be wrong? First I though maybe because I was using Breezedark theme, but this wouldn’t lead to an Error 500 page, wright? Initially, I can access to MySQL database and user validation actually work, because if I try wrong credentials doesn’t let me in, is just after logging when breaks into an error 500.


Finally, since I had no important data, I opted to uninstall it, delete everything and reinstall it again.

It has given me quite a headache, but finally I have it working again and with version 24 already.

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