Newbie questions now that I've finally gotten my Mox Pocket WiFi connected

I got my Mox Pocket WiFi a couple of days ago - yay!

First, it took a long time to figure out if it had an SD card… yes it does (hidden under the removable cover over the USB port).

It then took many reboots and re-connections to finally get things running. The short version of the story is that I

  1. removed the SD card from the Mox
  2. put the card into a card reader
  3. plugged the card reader into my Windows PC and reformatted the SD card
  4. then plugged the card reader into one of the USB ports on my Turris Omnia
  5. finally, re-imaged the drive from the instructions here (
  6. replace the SD card into the Mox and restarted it.

Only then was I able to get to the setup wizard for the Admin UI. Everything I did before that (whether connecting directly to the Mox with an Ethernet cable or connecting to it through the router) resulted in an error when I tried to open the admin page.

So now that I can see the device and have configured the WiFi, I’m once again stumped…

I’m planning to use the Mox as a range extender. So my dumb question is how does it actually extend the range? i.e., if I move it to another location in our house, I understand how the devices will connect to the Mox WiFi SSID but how does the Mox communicate their requests back the the main router?!? Do I have to run an Ethernet cable to the far side of the house too? What are the best LAN and WAN settings on the Mox?



This is already being discussed here:


No you don‘t have to but if you can it would be the most performant and stable setup. Just put eth0 in LAN as DHCP Client, create Wifi with same SSID and password as your main access point and bridge eth0 with your Wifi interface.

This is especially true because your version of MOX has only one Wifi card, so not using an ethernet cable would halve throughput for client traffic (because it has to communicate both with wifi clients and main access point) if not worse (because throughput for clients can at max be as high as throughput between MOX and main access point, which becomes worse the farer you move your MOX away from your main access point).

This means you can put your MOX farer away from your main access point and still get much better results if you connect your MOX to your main access point via an ethernet cable.

But if you want to to use your MOX as a pure wifi range extender see first link and ask there for more help… :slight_smile: