New records in Majordomo .... LXC pi-hole "et cetera"

Today at 18:00 after completing the installation of the container with pi-hole I discovered two new devices in Majordomo. Together with their own “pi-hole” interface are three. Pi-hole installation is not completed by redirecting traffic in WAN or DHCP.

Because the my range of addresses is always concatenated with the MAC address on fix IP. In the allotted range of IP addresses there is no free IP without a MAC. These two new devices are not assigned to lan IP.

(In Majordomo settings - Custom device Names I can see them and I can name)

Do you have any explanation or how to identify these devices?

Communication on one of two new ?? devices:

|Destination address|Port/Protocol|Count (download)|Packet size (download)|Payload size (download)|Count (upload)|Packet size (upload)|Payload size (upload)|
||443/TCP|255|101.66 KB|88.69 KB|316|100.97 KB|84.91 KB|
||443/TCP|246|98.82 KB|86.27 KB|297|98.20 KB|83.08 KB|
||443/TCP|241|292.23 KB|279.95 KB|252|29.32 KB|15.54 KB|
||443/TCP|198|88.97 KB|78.86 KB|349|80.70 KB|62.70 KB|
||443/TCP|156|68.22 KB|60.25 KB|203|62.33 KB|52.01 KB|
||443/TCP|145|129.29 KB|123.52 KB|141|19.92 KB|13.70 KB|
||443/TCP|99|53.36 KB|48.26 KB|99|23.34 KB|18.24 KB|
||443/TCP|89|48.36 KB|43.84 KB|86|12.35 KB|7.84 KB|
||80/TCP|79|103.92 KB|99.90 KB|101|5.92 KB|425.00 B|
||443/TCP|77|31.79 KB|27.80 KB|92|17.97 KB|13.25 KB|
||443/TCP|71|7.10 KB|3.48 KB|90|8.07 KB|3.46 KB|
||443/TCP|63|8.74 KB|5.63 KB|81|21.10 KB|16.87 KB|
||443/TCP|58|41.94 KB|38.95 KB|64|21.75 KB|18.39 KB|
||443/TCP|52|28.51 KB|25.86 KB|90|9.56 KB|4.87 KB|
||443/TCP|40|36.91 KB|34.87 KB|67|7.59 KB|4.01 KB|
||443/TCP|33|39.67 KB|37.99 KB|29|6.90 KB|5.38 KB|
||443/TCP|32|20.63 KB|19.00 KB|36|3.07 KB|1.23 KB|
||443/TCP|28|21.17 KB|19.73 KB|40|10.16 KB|8.09 KB|
||443/UDP|27|11.84 KB|11.10 KB|27|10.59 KB|9.85 KB|
||5228/TCP|27|9.82 KB|8.45 KB|34|3.38 KB|1.63 KB|
||443/TCP|25|5.95 KB|4.96 KB|40|4.17 KB|2.58 KB|
||443/TCP|25|26.60 KB|25.32 KB|23|2.20 KB|968.00 B|
||443/TCP|25|9.64 KB|8.66 KB|39|28.22 KB|26.68 KB|
||443/TCP|23|14.34 KB|13.16 KB|39|10.21 KB|8.18 KB|
||443/TCP|23|2.09 KB|984.00 B|33|14.86 KB|13.14 KB|
||443/TCP|21|7.44 KB|6.60 KB|28|3.17 KB|2.01 KB|
||443/TCP|21|8.30 KB|7.23 KB|29|5.77 KB|4.27 KB|
||443/TCP|18|17.32 KB|16.40 KB|21|3.30 KB|2.13 KB|
||80/TCP|17|1.54 KB|864.00 B|46|4.97 KB|3.10 KB|
||443/TCP|16|5.37 KB|4.55 KB|19|7.17 KB|6.19 KB|
||443/TCP|16|7.80 KB|7.17 KB|22|2.08 KB|1.17 KB|
||443/TCP|15|7.81 KB|7.04 KB|13|2.24 KB|1.58 KB|
||80/TCP|15|1.83 KB|1.04 KB|93|6.28 KB|1.01 KB|
||443/TCP|14|6.82 KB|6.10 KB|12|2.56 KB|1.94 KB|
||80/TCP|14|6.18 KB|5.45 KB|18|4.88 KB|3.95 KB|
||443/TCP|14|2.84 KB|2.17 KB|19|2.98 KB|1.98 KB|
||80/TCP|14|1.82 KB|1.26 KB|21|2.94 KB|2.06 KB|
||443/TCP|13|5.73 KB|5.06 KB|16|4.78 KB|3.96 KB|
||443/TCP|12|4.73 KB|4.11 KB|11|1.79 KB|1.22 KB|
||80/TCP|12|9.00 KB|8.38 KB|32|2.45 KB|828.00 B|
||443/TCP|12|11.16 KB|10.55 KB|15|5.20 KB|4.42 KB|
||443/TCP|11|4.67 KB|4.09 KB|15|3.21 KB|2.42 KB|
||443/TCP|11|8.05 KB|7.49 KB|12|1.66 KB|1.06 KB|
||443/TCP|9|5.30 KB|4.84 KB|15|6.36 KB|5.58 KB|
||443/TCP|9|4.35 KB|4.00 KB|14|1.87 KB|1.31 KB|
||443/TCP|9|1.62 KB|1.15 KB|10|1.36 KB|868.00 B|
||443/TCP|9|2.74 KB|2.28 KB|13|1.91 KB|1.25 KB|
||443/TCP|8|4.51 KB|4.11 KB|14|1.63 KB|921.00 B|
||443/TCP|8|3.66 KB|3.25 KB|10|830.00 B|290.00 B|
||443/UDP|8|3.61 KB|3.39 KB|11|7.37 KB|7.06 KB|
||80/TCP|6|790.00 B|462.00 B|8|990.00 B|570.00 B|
||80/TCP|5|820.00 B|552.00 B|18|1.79 KB|887.00 B|
||80/TCP|5|615.00 B|395.00 B|13|1.95 KB|1.42 KB|
||80/TCP|4|652.00 B|480.00 B|14|776.00 B|196.00 B|
||80/TCP|4|571.00 B|363.00 B|7|1.01 KB|651.00 B|
||80/TCP|3|341.00 B|177.00 B|14|1.16 KB|447.00 B|
||6605/UDP|3|177.00 B|93.00 B|3|231.00 B|147.00 B|
||443/TCP|2|80.00 B|0.00 B|2|120.00 B|0.00 B|
||6607/UDP|2|118.00 B|62.00 B|2|154.00 B|98.00 B|
||80/TCP|2|668.00 B|564.00 B|17|1.63 KB|765.00 B|
||80/TCP|2|187.00 B|83.00 B|17|1.06 KB|188.00 B|
||6606/UDP|1|59.00 B|31.00 B|1|77.00 B|49.00 B|
||6603/UDP|1|59.00 B|31.00 B|1|77.00 B|49.00 B|
||6601/UDP|1|59.00 B|31.00 B|1|77.00 B|49.00 B|
||6608/UDP|1|59.00 B|31.00 B|1|77.00 B|49.00 B|
|other|all/both|0|0.00 B|0.00 B|0|0.00 B|0.00 B|
||80/TCP|0|0.00 B|0.00 B|20|1.17 KB|0.00 B|