New product Turris ZERO is launched!

Dear Turris users,

Today, we released a new product:

Turris Zero firewall with 100% lifetime security warranty

Turris Zero is a unique device, and thanks to its 100% secure firewall, it automatically keeps your network safe against all Internet threats and against the Internet itself. As the Internet is, most of the time, a source of negative feelings and emotions. It provides a lifetime guarantee and automatic updates for free.

Turris Zero protects you against all current and future threats in a few decades. The user interface with a fingerprint sensor hidden inside the Turris logo is intuitive. It includes automatically hidden WAN and LAN ports on shorter edges of the case. Every household member 5-99 years old would be able to setup this device. You can let both a child or an active elder of your family to configure this secure firewall for you. The administration interface is designed entirely autonomous and unattended. You don’t need to log in anywhere. Also, you don’t need to remember any useless credentials.

Turris Zero is entirely open-source of course. It runs the unique operating system Turris OS 0.0 on completely open hardware, which you can modify and combine as you like it. For example, you can connect these two firewalls behind themselves or put them on top of the each other to increase security and extended protection.

Technical specifications:

  • Size: 45mm x 115mm x 64mm
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Ports number: 2x RJ45 ports (WAN and LAN)
  • Power supply: Flexible
  • Operating system: Turris OS 0.0

Pre-orded now on

for 666 CZK including VAT


It’s that day of the year again, eh? :wink:

Looking at it… kind of reminds me of “The Internet”:


Perfect news! :+1:
Is it possible to buy all manufacturing batch?
I would interest to it …

it’s wireless BTW

But I (also?) see 2x RJ45 in the specs.

They are also wireless…


Looking at it… kind of reminds me of “The Internet”

Oh, you already knew apparently:

The biggest news since the Internet!

I ordered 1000 pieces in the morning. You probably won’t have any more left. I want to build a nice wall.

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