New Omnia, Foris v. 100.7, old WD USB ext. storage not useable?

I am definitely a newcomer. I just installed the Omnia and (I hope) triggered various updates.

I’m looking into adding an external storage, and I just plugged an old 2 Tb USB disk, trying to have one of its existing partitions reformated and used ‘at next reboot’ as announced.

While my disk does appear in the ‘storage’ tab with all partitions ('sda = WD Elements 10B8 (1 397.2 GiB)’, then sda1, sda2…), when I click on the sda I want (currently exfat-formated),

  • I properly get the dialog 'Are you sure you want to proceed? Newly selected drive(s) will be formated, etc.’
  • I click on OK
  • I don’t get any notification
  • if I reload the page I am back to the original rootfs default
  • rebooting doesn’t change anything, nor using the other USB interface.

Is this related to something like the Sandisk driver discussed here on the forum?

Thank you!

I answer to myself : it sounds like I used too old browsers (having my main Linux machine being repaired I’m on a very old mac).
Addressing the point from a recent Android Firefox seems to do the trick -at least, I’m now in the process of initializing a local Nextcloud on the external disk :wink: