New Method Simplifies Cracking WPA/WPA2 Passwords on 802.11 Networks

Suppose option encryption 'psk2+tkip+ccmp' and 63-character high complexity password should mitigate if not thwart such a potential attack.

This is related to wifi roaming. That is not enabled in default in Turris.

Having such a long password is probably overkill but why not.

Aside from being a royal PITA to enter on devices that can’t do some electronic method of obtaining such a password, I’ve found some simple devices that cannot use passwords over 32 characters in length.

But, aside from that, I agree that a longer password is beneficial.

Or possibly use RADIUS.

it is a 5 minute inconvenience for each such device that is not supporting pasting passwords.
Convenience trumping security seems a popular tune though.

some IoT not adhering to WPA2 standards? That would worry me in general of what/how things are implemented in such device.

Certainly the best bet but it requires a radius server/backend to run/maintain. Notwithstanding whether the aforementioned simple devices feature WPA2 enterprise support.