New Interface/VLAN Creation Help

Reason for post
Need help setting up three different VLAN’s or bridge devices on my TO for three straightforward setups


  1. VLAN for lan0 and lan1 for IPTV as it needs IGMP snooping and I want to keep it separate from the rest of my network to avoiding flooding. It will only need access to the internet, not the LAN or the gateway.
  2. VLAN for all lan2 and lan3 for LAN devices. It will need need access to the internet, and the gateway. This one is fairly straightforward, and once i can figure out the other two, this one should be easy
  3. VLAN for internet facing test device. It will only need access to the internet, not the LAN or the gateway

What I’ve tried

  1. Tried reading this and following the steps, but couldn’t make it work VLAN how to make it work
  2. Tried creating a bridge device which allowed me to enable IGMP snooping for the IPTV devices then i created an interface called IPTV and firewall zone. I’m able to get an IP when plugged into lan0, but its not within a range i expect. I get a .17 instead of a .3 or something like that. Also i can’t access the gateway or the internet.

Anyone know what i’m doing wrong, other than everything? :slight_smile: