New device in LAN - alert

How to get any kind of active notification (e-mail/push) when new device enters LAN? (E.g. upon DHCP address assignment)? Looking for a verified solution. Thanks.

pakon added this in Turris 3.10.3. You get a notification in foris as well as by email.

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I’ve noticed the notifications in Foris, but I’m not receiving anything in e-mail. Also in Foris, I only see some log of visited sites, but no option related to the subject (new device alert). In Luci, I don’t see anything pakin-related at all. Am I missing something?

There is nothing Pakon related in Luci.

You have to enable Pakon first by selecting “Pakon” under the Updater tab in Foris and approving it to be installed. After that, new devices are shown in the Notifications tab in Foris. I get email notifications for them as well (make sure you have email notifications configured under the Maintenance tab in Foris).

As I mentioned, this functionality was only fixed in TurrisOS 3.10.3 so if you’re on an older version, you won’t see it.

Thanks. I have all this set already, yet I don’t receive e-mails about new devices. I only receive reboot e-mails. Notifications are set to “Reboot or attention required or update was installed” (there are 3 options to choose from there, none of them mentions new devices, so I assume it’s considered “attention”).

Edit - Now I also have checked “Send news” option, just in case that was what was missing.

Maybe it’s working only for the wifi clients?
You could check with some friend/neighbor coming with a new device and connecting to your wifi.

No, it works with wired and wifi devices for me. The only difference I had with @czbird was that I did have “Send news” selected so let’s see if that’s the difference.

Maybe ts a bit offtop but how to reset already known devices? Where is the data stored?

I posted here about the Pakon data locations and how to reset them.

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I have received new device mail after I enabled the “send news”. Thanks for the hints, guys.

BTW the pakon data is only held for 4 weeks in the default configuration. I guess if a device is only used rarely, it might come up as “new” again.

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