New computer, no access to files possible

Hello everyone,

I got a new computer and I am unable to access the password protected folders on the attached drive. I thought the password I had safed in my manager was wrong so I updated it with “smbpasswd -a user”. But it still does not work. Windows keeps telling me I do not have the rights to access the folder.

I then went ahead and allowed “root” to access the folder, but even root cannot access them!

I am at my wits end…Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Just tried with my Win7 laptop and there it works. I just love Windows networking…

Using the IP to access it works…

There is Credential Manager in windows, which most of the times is the key

check OMV debug on dancing with samba and windows

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Thank you!

In case someone is interested, in German the “credential manager” is called “Anmeldeinformationsverwaltung” :smiley: But still no dice. The credentials were in there but still it won’t work. Guess I will just shrug it off and use the IP in the future.

What makes me surprised is that with the IP it seems to work without adding credentials?! At least it still works after I deleted the credentials. WTH

I should really give Linux a try…

I reactivated Samba v1 in Windows 10 and now it works. But I am still wondering why I can at least read all my files when I use the IP.