Networking performance degradation after upgrade to 5.1.4

I’m experiancing a network performance degradation that most likely started after the upgrade to TO 5.1.4

I have a 1000/200 fibre connection and until a couple of weeks ago I had approximatly speed test results of 900/180 and now just 500/180

It’s. not easy for me to exactly match the upgrade to degradation but it seems to me that the change in performance could be connected.

What in any case let me think that the issue is linked to TO is also that if I test the connection throughout another router connected to the same fibre connectionI still get 900/180

Anyone experience the same issue? Any suggestion abut what could be the reason for that and about what I can do to solve?


I recommend to try the provider’s question as well. In my case, he slightly reduced speeds from 100/100 to 55/20 to avoid network congestion due to unusually heavy traffic at this Covid time.

Hi @Astrakan27,

Would you please provide more details about your issues, which you are having?

  • How are you doing speed measurements? Are you using iperf3 from the router or from your device (laptop/desktop)?
  • Do you have installed any packages from package list in ReForis?
    Something like Pakon, which uses Suricata can slown down your network and because of that, it is labeled with “Network load”.

Thank you for the suggestion but in this case I made the same test with another router at the same time so it cannot be the provider

The speed testing is done from the laptop and not from the router but I did it always from the same laptop with both router

In fact you are right I have recently installed Pakon and Netdata. Maybe this is the reason why my network connection slow down.

I will try to uninstall them and let you know


Thank you very much Pepe it was exactely Pakon. I did though that it could have a so significant impact on network performance


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In my case (some time ago), it helped (and not just network performance, also system is now having more resources). I had IDS , Ludus and Pakon active together so surricata was really utilized. Aside of those i removed NetData and NextCloud as well (i was just testing them).