Network storm - bricked router

Something has gone very wrong on my Omnia. I managed to get dhcp running agin yesterday. It died Friday AM, possibly after a reboot. Yesterday I started noticing large numbers of kernel warnings “br-lan: received packet on eth0 with own address as source address”. I had internet access, could access LuCi, and router was working. This morning, I had no internet connection. Router running very slow, but LuCi was accessible. Huge numbrer of warnings on br-lan in the messages log - ranging upwards of 11,000 - 30,000 suppressed messages per suppressed message warning. I found an indication on openWRT forums that the cause might be a routing loop between the two radios. Since I have not been able to connect to either wifi network since getting dhcp running again, I disabled both radios. Number of warnings came back down to the 5500 range but didn’t stop. I rebooted Omnia. The router no longer shows up on my network. Lights come on like its’ operating, but it bricked. The gateway address is inaccessible via LuCi and ssh. How do I hard reset and reload this unit from scratch? Help is urgently needed please.

Here’s the reset instructions:

Try rollback to latest snapshot first. You probably bridged some devices which should not be bridged together.

Thanks Jason & James! Attempting last config. The last snapshot seems to include whatever is the cause. Looks like I’ll have to do a factory reset. Working on it.

Took a few reboots, but I got back to a working snapshot. Log is normal. Thanks!!!

Curiously, this snapshot is prior to my installation of the dual-wan software / config, which is some time last week. I’d assumed that I caused the routing problems after that install, but will follow the log when I reinstall that option.

Before you “kill” your router with resetting to factory defaults, perform a schnapps list on the console as you have access to the TO. Then you can use schnapps rollback [number] to get back a (maybe) working snapshot.

Thanks @quietsche, unfortunately my factory reset occurred prematurely - probably I held the button a fraction too long. I’ll try schnapps now that I have a new config up and running.

You can do it even now when you like your former config back

Thanks @quietsche, it works like a charm! I was able to see both my earlier configurations as well as several that I’ve saved today as my rebuild progressed. Great to know that’s available!