Network Dropping - Own address as source address

My network consists of a turris omnia running TurrisOS 5.1.1, an unmanaged switch, and a nighthawk running ddwrt. The nighthawk is set up as an ap that is wired to the turris. I use the ap because my omnia is on the first floor and across the house, so i don’t get great wifi signal.
Almost every morning, Ill wake up and use my phone with no issue for about 5-10 minutes. At that point I lose connection to the internet. I can still access my internal server, but i can not access the router via its ip address.

Looking through the logs, I see the same issue every time:
br-lan: received packet on lan0 with own address as source address (addr:04:f0:21:xx:xx:xx, vlan:0)

The mac address in the error points to the 2.412 wifi device from the omnia.
Can anyone give me a place to start looking?

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Try enabling spanning tree protocol (STP) on the LAN interface on the Omnia.