Netdata - Btfrs Error in logs

Hi Folks,

Like others who activate Netdata monitoring, I have the following error on my logs :
BTRFS: failed to read ‘/sys/fs/btrfs/ccb8999a-96d3-4da7-b1c0-5293f7e453e6/allocation/data/total_bytes’
I found a workaround, in the forum to desactivate btrfs here (Turris OS 3.11 is out!). I wondering it’s just a path issue. Data seems to be here /sys//sys/fs/btrfs/ccb8999a-96d3-4da7-b1c0-5293f7e453e6/allocation/system/total_bytes not /data/total_bytes …
Where is it possible to modify this value ? crontab ?

I tried to add “/sys/fs/btrfs = no” in my netdata.conf in plugins section but it’s not working.
Is it still the right place ?

Ok it’s working
First check here (you will see all the options possible for netdata.conf).
Modify your /etc/netdata/netdata.conf :
/sys/fs/btrfs = no
restart netdata : /etc/init.d/netdata restart
Recheck that your option have been processed