Need some help with Port-Forwarding

So, I have forwarded a few ports, all with the same configuration, WAN > LAN, TCP + UDP, Set the External Ports and Internal Ports etc.

And it doesn’t really work, sometimes.

When I am forwarding Plex with the Port 32400 and go on, it works perfectly fine.

Then when I hop onto qBittorrent with the port 39349 (I also configured this port in qBittorrent) and go on canyouseeme, port closed, connection refused. (an open connection is important for Private trackers)

I then tried forwarding both services on the same port (bad Idea, I know.) and the Private Trackers said the connection is open, plex also worked. As expected tho, sometime later it all crashed down, plex refused to do literally anything, but qBittorrent resumed normally. (go figure, 2 services on 1 port)

I then again tried binding qBittorrent to a different port, which also didn’t work out, only Port 32400 is open and accepting connections, any other port-forward, with the same configuration, just refuses to accept anything.

Maybe it’s your ISP. I’ve had ISPs randomly block bittorrent traffic, especially for serving. I imagine if it sees some other traffic on a port, it may leave it alone, but if it’s bittorrent only, they may block it when they see it.

Interesting, could there be a way to circumvent this? Would a VPN work?

You could VPN your bittorrent connection somewhere else, sure.

I assume you have no trouble connecting to your bittorrent server from the local network?

I would also just ask my local ISP helpdesk about whether they block bittorrent traffic or not.

Some bittorrent clients have option to randomly choose some high port at start. You might want to check that option.