NAS option availability


The answer is you build the cable your self. I just did it for my router.

If there is interest, I can build and ship the cables to you. It takes like 15 min and the parts cost like 5€.

We will be selling a cable + SATA option in my new shop :slight_smile:


Hi, new information for people outside the Czech republic. Here’s the link with info and links to order the NAS box or Hacker chassis.


Good stuff, thinking of buying this. I could use a NAS and would be nice if it could be built into the omnia.


Have you seen my HDD tray?


This cable: 2.54mm 5-Pin Female to 2x SATA + 3-Pin Fan Power Cable Adapter?

** edit **

See this thread for the modifications that are needed to use this cable correctly: PCI SATA controller - HDDs won't spin.


I am interested in buying a ready-made cable as i do not have the tools todo it myself. Are you still offering it and if yes: where can i buy it?