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I missed the deadline for the NAS enclosure (I undertstood that it will last till this Monday and on Sunday was out of order), it will be available to buy in the future? Is there any chance to get one?

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I am sorry to tell you that the NAS box has been sold out. In case of greater demand for the NAS boxes, producing a new batch might be considered, but there are no such plans currently.

Hello. I want to buy Turris Omnia with NAS box. Please reintroduce this option. Thanks!

quoting from …and they’re gone | The CZ.NIC Staff Blog

so this might actually happen, just be patient

I would rather buy their custom SATA cable for power HDD’s from Omnia :slight_smile:

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A 4-bay NAS box would be very nice!

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I think box with RJ45 will be much better choice than this :slight_smile:

Hello, is something new about possibility to buy LTE and NAS pack? Or are there references to companies that made NAS or LTE packs for Turris Omnia? I think it does’n make a sence to bath more Omnia routers (as it was announced) without these great perks, with makes it realy more than a router. I’m interested in both. Thanks for answer.

Rather, there is no and will be no longer available NAS and LTE perk.
You need to buy yourself the appropriate components.

LTE for Europe:

The one is EC20-E working for most SPs in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

LTE for USA:

The one is EC20-A working for most SPs in the USA, Canada .

SATA Controller:

[quote]Rather, there is no and will be no longer available NAS and LTE perk.
You need to buy yourself the appropriate components.[/quote]
That is doable for the pci cards as you indicate, but the nice shiny nas box not so much. Is there any way to buy those? How expensive will those be?

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You need to ask , which manufactured all Turris cases.
Someone asked them and they said 800 CZK (30€) + shipping.


Thank you very much for these links. I appreciate it very much :wink: Going to order everything :slight_smile:

Sorry to say, but I expected these links from people of Turris Omnia team :disappointed:

Actually they mentioned it in some of the older posts. But yeah you’re right, they should mention all these things in one place so that everybody can solve their problems like buying some parts for NAS kit with his own way.

Thank you very much for your help, you are correct! People from are very polite and they answered the same day I send them my demand. I’m looking forward to improve my Turris :slight_smile: Thank you guys!


Sorry, I didn’t find it. I used search and looked for “NAS case” and I only found this topic and few others forwarding here. I hope we could help someone else :wink:

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Hi, I’d like to ask where I can find the power cable for 2 disks and fan like in this video?

I’d like to use my Omnia like NAS in the future and I can’t find similar cable thanks. Jsem z ČR, takže ideálně něco u nás, děkuju.

pinging @Tangero, @Vaclav

I was asking exactly same question on YT… still w/o answer :confused:

“NAS case” was build just for those who ordered it as a perk in campaign. We have no cases left, sorry.

We can buy NAS case directly from Emko as it is posted above your respond. So question wasnt about cases, but it was about power-sata cable. Earlier somebody from yours team said that you will atleast provide how to do it.

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