NAS for Turris Omnia - where to buy sata power cabel in Czech Republic

There was quite a lot of NAS topics on the forum. I am trying to build NAS with Mini PCI-E to SATA controller.
The Controller is possible to buy from China with free shiping. But that’s not the same case for power cable…

I found one here (two cables must be switche to work properly according to this thread PCI SATA controller - HDDs won't spin)

This power cabel costs $7, shiping to Czech Rep. costs$10. So I am asking, where to buy this with lower price / without shiping (I was not able to find it on ebay). OR If there is more people to buy this, we can make some group order.

Thanks for suggestions.

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I think that if you want to buy something like this you must write to other users and buy it together (cheaper shipping). Someone on this forum said that he can make that cable (user from EU). Btw. it is pitty that you wite it rigt now because I have ordered this exact cable last week (I think it is still relativelly good price/function relation).

Hi, did you order the cable? I’m interested also, so we can share shiping to Czech Rep… Thank you for your answer.

I did but you probably dont ask me. The good thing for all of us is that this cable after the changing the pins (like in another topic here on forum) really works!

Hi, I ordered this cable from ebay Ii should arrive in this days. I will try if it fit the pins on the board and then let you know.

Sorry, in fact I asked @chashitsu. So thank you for your answer It would be really nice from you to tell us if the cable is ok. I’m looking forward and I keep my fingers crossed :wink:

Thanks also @qxstyles for your response, good news and another option for people without this power cable :slight_smile:

@vorel It fits quite well :slight_smile: only the small “fuse beak” needs to be cutted off or make it smaller, because I connected it to the board and now it cannot be disconected without force… I don’t have inave time to solder it yet. I pay 55 CZK for 5 of them. I will keep 2 of them. I offer 3 connectors for resale (in czech republic) 15 CZK + shipping for each or pickup in Prague.

Photos here

Thank you! for “testing” and your message for me, and I hope for other people looking for this topic. I will buy all of them, if they are still available. More in direct message.