My windows 8 computer has problems with internet connectivity, my other equipment like mac mini works well

I have a windows 8 computer, an Apple mac mini, an ipad (wireless), iphone (wireless), and they all were well connected with the internet without any problems by using my old router.

I replaced my old Vigor router for the Turris Omnia.

Now, everything related to internet is working with my equipment, except with my windows 8 computer. This is very confusing, sometimes I can visit a website, and the next moment it cannot be done. Sometimes I am able to download by usenet with the usual high speed i once had, and then later on, maybe after restart of the computer, it does not work anymore.
My other equipment, like my Mac mini always works great, no problems reaching websites and so on.

Why could my windows 8 computer give problems with this router, and not with my old router? all my other appliances I mentioned work well with both routers.

Based on similar issues I’ve had in the past, I’d try disabling ipv6 support on the Windows computer if you aren’t using it (or maybe enabling it if it is already disabled).

Now also my Mac mini experienced this problem. No internet at all.

I now put the internet cable directly in the modem of my provider and I have high speed internet.

At some point I just want to enjoy internet and not struggle with it.

After I threw the towel in the ring, I tried something else. I phoned to my ISP which is Ziggo in the Netherlands. I asked them if they really put my modem in bridge mode. They said it was still in router mode. I told them to put it in bridge mode. About 15 minutes later it was in bridge mode and then the Turris router worked very well. \