My Turris Mox is now not booting

I’ve been using the Turris Mox for a while now and only today did I realise that it has not been updated. It was running v4. I initiated an update and I am now not able to connect to it. I installed the rescue images from Index of /hbs/medkit/, copied the mox-mediakit-latest.tar.gz{.md5,.sha256,.sig} onto a fat32 formatted USB drive. I then plugged it into the USB port of the MOX, powered up the MOX while the reset button was being pressed. The red LED did come on for a while, go off, come on about 3 to 4 times and nothing after that. Need some help in figuring this out.



Thanks. That’s the document I followed but not making progress. I am not seeing the LEDs blinking.

Hi Harish,
please contact the official Turris support, it is available via e-mail, and let us help you.
With kind regards