My Turris Christmas Wishlist

Dear Baby Jesus,

this Christmas I would like the new u-boot for my Omnia from the Indiegogo campaign, which will give me access to other recovery modes, automatic SFP detection and boot from USB. And also an automated migration from TOS 3, or at least an updated kernel, if the migration preparation will last another months.

For my MOX with SDIO card, also from Indiegogo campaign, I would like restarts without hangs, but I can say that the recently released experimental firmware may have helped. Therefore, my biggest wish is to have updated firmware or drivers for the SDIO card so that it has a stable connection and so that more than eight users can connect to one AP.


I am just wondering why do you need migration, as pretty experienced user? It is definitely better to install fresh v.5 from flash disk and set up your configuration from scratch. This way you will get rid of any leftovers from previous configurations. Moreover, you may learn something new during such process…


I 100% agree. Also, I doubt that the “automated migration” process ever gets done or works flawlessly. Perhaps, the development team should just terminate this “automated migration” effort. For me, the manual install of TOS 5 and the re-setup of what I did on TOS 3 was feasible and now I know that I got a clean install.

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Well, one of the big ticket items in this transition is IMHO the “switch” over (if you excuse the pun) from operating the switch via DSA, but exactly the same issue is on the TODO list for the next OpenWrt release as well, so there is work ongoing on how to a) translate an old swconfig configuration onta a DSA based one, as well as a creation of a visual tool, that allows to configure DSA switches in the luci GUI just like with swconfig based switches.
Will this solve all TOS migration issues? Probably not, but it should help.

Not sure about the numbers, but what about the users who bought an Omnia with 3.x, plugged it in and let it do its work without going deeper with its configuration? These users definitely need to be migrated. However, I can imagine there will be just a closed target set of features supported by the migration script, and it could tell the user whether it is able to do the migration or not. It could send a notification if it thinks migration is not possible (ideally, with the WHY).

I know about many Omnia´s (around twenty) in production environment with TOS 3 which were installed many years ago. These devices are still in use and helps their users, but is unmaintained.

And it’s not wrong, because their configuration is sufficient and thanks automatic update is secure. These is included in my Christmas wishes.


Please please please no update just before Christmass. Last year the christmass tree update broke my router DNS when everybody was at home.

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… but there is plenty of time to fix it during the X-mass :slight_smile:

And my X-mass wish is: still stable conection via Turris routers family (as is) :+1:
And all the best to whole Turris team and community members too …

Great! And your Christmas suddenly became traditional!