My internal memory is gone (one more time)

Hye, is there any tutorial to solder the internal memory? Mine seems to be dead one more time… What is the memory reference? FYI: I tried the medkit flashing , nothing boot after that. Can log in through ssh but no system.

Which version of Turris you have?

I can’t find the reference now, but the devs told me somewhere that unless you have industry-grade equipment, exchange of the eMMC in Turris Omnia is near impossible.

Turris omnia with 2gb of ram, the emmc is an 8gb I think

Damn!Itsseems to be a known bottleneck

I recommend install SSD drive.


I think everybody’s happy that MOXes have SD cards… internal eMMC is a nice idea, but maybe for a different product… installing SSD is not really such a problem or big investment (but hurry with buying as mPCIe drives are not that common at these times). You just have to say goodbye to the very fancy and useful reset-button modes (there’s hope it will work with SSD boot at some time, but no ETA).

I wonder why they don’t put the eMMC in some kind of socket like CPUs in desktop computers :slight_smile:


Omnia with boot from USB will be also fine. Soldered eMMC really turned out to be a weak point in otherwise great hardware.

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afaik the main problem is when people use it for write-intensive operations like LXC, NAS or nextcloud.

maybe TOS could refuse to install those to the eMMC? Or notify userts on detection?

reforis provides the “External storage” tag but that might not be enough.

It was a fresh install with no fancy packages or services installed.