Mwan3 after update not working


Thanks for your comment @fnord! I’ve also been able to correct my installation by making sure all IPv6 related configuration was disabled and by adding an “option family ‘ipv4’” to all of my interfaces definitions.

I also posted my patches (including luci-app-mwan3 patches) on the gitlab issue, in case it is of help to someone.


Got the mwan3 working with fnord’s suggestion. I however still have problem with mwan3 not booting correctly with TOS reboots, I have to manually mwan3 restart since mwan3 start does nothing.

EDIT: fixed with root@turris:~# /etc/init.d/mwan3 enable

Turris mwan3 3.11.2

I followed @fnord’s guidance, reinstalled my mwan3 configuration that had been saved in /root, and restarted. I’ve actually rebooted the Omnia several times now. Status/Overview page shows both wan and wan2 as online and operational. Status/Load Balancing/Interface, however, hangs with the Collecting data… message. Same behavior from ~/Detail and ~/Troubleshooting pages. Actions I’ve selected on ~/Diagnostics for either interface hang with “Waiting for command to complete…” Any thoughts on why this would happen?


reinstalled my mwan3 configuration that had been saved in /root

This will only bring back the problem. You need to recreate your config based on the new /etc/config/mwan3 file that is installed when you install the new packages, or modify your old configuration so it has the new config parameters that are needed.


Thanks everyone for the solutions - I have MWAN working again based on @fnord’s input. Also added @askingUser’s contribution in case that helped my remaining problem, but I’m not “at the end of the tunnel” yet.

As seen in the first pic taken from the Status / Overview page in LuCI, of my 4 interfaces, the two that I have enabled are online. Confirmed this by accessing the web successfully via the Omnia.

Despite trying the various suggestions, though, I don’t have full MWAN functionality. When I invoke any of Interface, Detail or Trouble Shooting under Status / Load Balancing, the page hangs indefinitely as seen in the second pic.

Oddly, at some points earlier in working on this (I think before I added @askingUser’s tweak, but I am not sure - and I’ve rebooted and fiddled a bit since first spotting this hang), the hang was NOT indefinite. It would stop after a minute or so with a message like “No MWAN Interfaces found”.

Note that Status / Load Balancing / Diagnostics also appears to hang, but the message is “Waiting for command to complete.” As I saw something like that in a prior version of MWAN3 with some of the Diagnostics actions, I’m setting this symptom aside for the moment. Probably same cause but maybe not.

Any suggestion as to what might be causing this hang?


could you please help me to run mwan3 again?
I followed @fnord 's guidance but I am not sure if i did “search-replace” part correctly.
root@turris:/etc/config# /usr/sbin/mwan3 restart
I get
/sbin/hotplug-call: /etc/hotplug.d/iface/15-mwan3: line 482: network_get_metric: not found

And mwan is not working.
Thank you for any help :slight_smile:


I have the same problem as @Viktor_H. Can someone help us?


Login by means of SSH. Go to /lib/mwan3… Copy to Open the file. In the third and the fourth line, replace “ip” by “/usr/sbin/ip”. Make sure “ip-full” is installed.


If you receive an error message on network_get_metric being missing, be sure to update all installed packages to their latest versions. Turris OS has the correct version of now, as can be seen here: