Mwan3 after update not working


Thanks for your comment @fnord! I’ve also been able to correct my installation by making sure all IPv6 related configuration was disabled and by adding an “option family ‘ipv4’” to all of my interfaces definitions.

I also posted my patches (including luci-app-mwan3 patches) on the gitlab issue, in case it is of help to someone.


Got the mwan3 working with fnord’s suggestion. I however still have problem with mwan3 not booting correctly with TOS reboots, I have to manually mwan3 restart since mwan3 start does nothing.

EDIT: fixed with root@turris:~# /etc/init.d/mwan3 enable

Turris mwan3 3.11.2

I followed @fnord’s guidance, reinstalled my mwan3 configuration that had been saved in /root, and restarted. I’ve actually rebooted the Omnia several times now. Status/Overview page shows both wan and wan2 as online and operational. Status/Load Balancing/Interface, however, hangs with the Collecting data… message. Same behavior from ~/Detail and ~/Troubleshooting pages. Actions I’ve selected on ~/Diagnostics for either interface hang with “Waiting for command to complete…” Any thoughts on why this would happen?