[multiple switches - E modules] 10GbE not feasible?

Whilst the switch chip in the E module would appear to be capable of 10GbE on its upstream ports 9 and 10 it seems however not being enabled and instead being restrained to 2.5GbE and thus creating a bottleneck in switch interconnectivity.

Is 10GbE not feasible due to the modularity concept:

  • MOXTET not supporting 10GbE?
  • 10GbE requiring additional power that cannot be supplied?
  • 10GbE requiring additional physical lanes to be connected?

According to this document: https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/mox/moxtet the bus seems to be limited to 2.5Gbs. Whats labeled as SGMII might also be a HSGMII (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media-independent_interface#High_serial_gigabit_media_independent_interface). I reckon it’s a limit in lanes.

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That is too bad really…

Not sure whether it is a limit in lanes since XAUI seems to require four lanes (3.125 Gbit/s each) but rather a limit of the PCIe connector.