Multiple SSID & VPN connections

Would the router support the creation of multiple wireless SSID and configuring each individual SSID to connect to a different VPN server?

I’d like to publish multiple wireless networks at home that would automatically route traffic based on the network that I connect to, like HOME_US, HOME_UK, HOME_FR, etc… where HOME_US would route my traffic to a US based VPN so that I could appear to be located in US, similarly for the others.

Also, would you support a Tor router (as an exit node) so that I could also set up a wireless Tor exit point if I wanted anonymity?

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Hello, everything you mentioned is doable on Turris. Although it requires configuration through command line.

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Since it’s supported, would you be able to provide a HOW-TO documentation on this?

Ohh … and I forgot to ask … will that type of a configuration cost any more over and above the cost of the router that we’d pay on Indiegogo?

Everything you need is just one omnia with wifi, you don’t need to buy anything else.

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Well, there are many things supported and we can’t promise we will make a howto for everything (as this is let’s say a corner case). But I hope there will be huge user base around this forum (including us, developers) who will help each other.

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Is there a limit on the number of SSIDs?

It is limited only by hostapd, and i dont think that this limit is low, see hostapd.conf for the reference. However please keep in mind, that all SSIDS on the WIFI adapter will share same channel and same bandwith. I personally have configuration with ~4 ssids and all works fine. You can also use different AUTH methods on different SSIDs, bind them to separate VLANs, etc.