mSATA screws not unscrewing/broken

Yesterday fineally decided to shove an mSATA into my onmia.
Opening up the omnia was simple enough. However opening the screws that hold the msata did not want to let go. One of the little pipe thingies (sorry, not a clue what it is called) completely let go of the motherboard. The other simply keeps turning around but not coming out.

Any intelligent tips to get the msata in its place? I was consiering duct tape, not sure yet if that is the way to go, considering it might get fairly hot in the onmia. Also I cannot wedge it in properly with that one screw in the way.

I don’t have mine open atm, but I’m pretty sure the counterpart for the screw is a little hexagon bolt. Maybe it helps if you hold that one with a small wrench (or pliers) when trying to open the screw?

yep, tried that already and with that I screwed the cross out of the screw unfortunately. And thank you! a bolt indeed :slight_smile:

I have one of them with the screw stuck in it on the board and one off the board. So neither are functional for me unfortunately