Msata port and ngff ssd

Hello all,

It Seems that there Is One free msata SSD Port. I would Like to connect a ngff ssd (Form factor 2260) with an msata Adapter. Do you think that ti will work? Will the OS recognize the SSD and will it fit Inside the case with the Adapter? Do you Know a good Adapter card? Any recommendation Is welcome :slight_smile:


For a SATA based M2 SSD should work.

For a PCIe based M2 SSD and a extender should work.

Both adapters require the SSD to be B-keyed or B+M-keyed.

If you do not have a really big M2 SSD buy a mSATA one. Less hassle and probably cheaper. Speed-wise SATA-based M2 and mSATA wonโ€™t be different and PCIe may even be slower. SATA 3.0 is not slower than PCIe 2.0.

The thing Is i have a 2260 m.2 ssd with 256gb here which Is Not used right now. So i thought it would be cool in the omnia. It Seems your First Adapter recommendation Should work. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ve got 2 or 3 32GB 2242 SSDs, one of which I plan to put in Omnia with an adapter.