mPCIe slots and 802.11AC wave 2

Hi Tom,

i just installed a WLE650V5-25 5GHz card into my Turris omnia.

Currently the card isnt working.
Do you have updates on the Firmware issue, or links how to install those .bin files?

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Hi @Georg_Duees,

I returned my first WLE650V5-25 and tried a second
WLE650V5-25 card and all sorts of ath10k drivers - no luck.

I got it working but the signal was so weak - like no antennas would be attached to it.

You only recognize that the card is working when you open the case and hold a device
(e.g. iPhone) very close to the card.


i work with WLE650V5-18. I simply install the packet ath10k-firmware-qca9888 (opkg update; opkg install ath10k-firmware-qca9888).


Hi, I am interested in getting two of those cards WLE1216V5-20 and have two 5G channels, can you please keep us updated on the progress of your testing and availability of drivers? I am also not 100% sure about the original configuration, is it possible to keep the dual channel 2.4/5 GHz card in and add this one as a third channel?

Thank you.

so I have a good news. My colleague wrote to me that the card had already arrived. We are looking forward to the tests.
As soon as I know more, I’m sure to say, because more people enjoy the practical results.


Thanks for your answer.
Can you already tell us, which cards you ordered?

Any news about WLE1216V5-20?

So far, we’re in a state where the card is running, but all the edits to support new modes are not ready yet compared to the current card so the support can be added to the system. The addition is working, unfortunately now I am not able to say when it will go into production.

Did you get chance to check/measure advantage of mu-mimo versus default 5G card?

I bought a WLE1216V5-20 and a WLE1216V2-20, and while they didn’t just work, I did manage to get them to work. Basically, I had to install ath10k-firmware-qca9984, however, that doesn’t contain the board data for those cards, so I had to download from here: and then copy board-2.bin in the wle1216bd directory to /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA9984/hw1.0/ on the router.
This, at least, made it load the firmware. But only one card was detected - the one in slot 2. So I had to move the card in slot 1 to slot 3 (the one that has the SIM slot underneath it) and now it’s working perfectly, except, I noticed that the PCI LEDs on the front are reversed, PCI1 and 2 are lit now, even though I only have cards in slot 2 and 3. That’s not a very big deal at all though.


Not yet. I’ll do it soon with RT-AC87U, S6 and S7 edge and Note 8 as those are only devices with MU-MIMO support I have.
I’m interested mainly in throughput test with Asus because of 4x4.

Is RT-AC87U capable to run with WPA-2? :sweat_smile:

I bought one, before Turris Omnia, and I had to return it due to impossibility to run WPA-2…

Eeee? Are you sure you know what you speak about? Don’t you want say “wave2” instead of WPA2?
Anyway WPA2 is supported of course. It was introduced in 2004 if I remember well and I can’t imagine some device not supporting it nowadays.
If you wanted to say “wave2” (which you probably did) then yes - there were some HW revisions having troubles with hardware design implementations due to Quantenna SOC black box overheating (router in router connected by VLANs: Broadcom to Quantenna via RGMII).
Anyway it’s wave2 works great with exceptional range and this router is still powerfull beast.

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Yes, I am sure. A had it and my opinion (negative) about that (in slovak) can be found here:

Have been trying to get work WPA2 whole evening (factory reset, newest FW,…) without any success, so I decided to return it. But ot was in November 2015…

I would be interested in long term experience with WLE1216V5-20 running. I have read that this card is quite hot. So is it necessary to use additional cooling. And concerning antennas, you just added one more antenna (same type as stock Omnia ones), right?

Usage experience might be depending on your hardware-revision (see below).
I for myself have a rockstable wlan (since around 01/2018) without dropouts even for long filetransfers. But… there are two flaws atm

  • big flaw: 160MHz is not running out of the box, even with other board-2.bin and firmware-5.bin files. But I won’t give up on that
  • small flaw: in hot surrounding (but maybe also or instead of that because of a hardware-flaw of the first TO-board-revision) the card might not come up on warm (re)boots. In that case discconect power plug, wait for some minutes, reconnect power plug.

In total I’m hoping for a hostapd supporting 160MHz and am apart from that quite happy :slight_smile:

Look, from web, they have img Turris Omnia with 3x WLE1216V5-20