Mox Wi-Fi Dual Band Concurrent?

I just received my “Early Bird Mox Classic” with Memory+Ethernet upgrades.

I am a bit confused about the Wi-Fi capabilities of the product. In the web interfaces I see only one Wi-Fi board, and I can configure that board to 2.4GHz 802.11n or 5GHz 802.11ac - but the list of the components of the Early Bird Mox Classic said this should include

1 x 5 GHz (3×3 MIMO) WiFi Card
1 x 2,4/5 GHz (2×2 MIMO) WiFi Card

My question: How do I configure the Wi-Fi so that both cards are used concurrently, i.e. the 3x3 MIMO card for 5GHz and the other card for 2.4 GHz? In which UI should I see the two cards?

For some users the SDIO card inside A module got disconnected during shipping: No wifi in mox A with MIMO module

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Thanks, I will check that.
Do you know if the “1 x 5 GHz (3×3 MIMO) WiFi Card” is the one connected via SDIO?
And the “1 x 2,4/5 GHz (2x2 MIMO) WiFi Card” is the PCIexpress card and in Module B?

No … 2x2 is SDIO and 3x3 is mPCIe

More info about it here

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Thanks a lot for that link. So actually the description on IndieGogo is wrong, and both modules, the PCIe and the SDIO connected one, are dual band. Now I understand where my confusion was coming from. I still don’t know if one of the two allows concurrent 2.4/5 GHz or if both of them require to select either 2.4 or 5 - do you know?

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Both card allow only one frequency … 2,4 OR 5GHz

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OK, opened the device, one of the antenna cables was not plugged in. Removed the Wi-Fi board and plugged it in again. Still wasn’t found. Then pressed a bit on all sides of it and rebooted again and now it’s there. I have the impression that the connector between the Wi-Fi module and the MOX A board is a bit shaky. Anyhow, problem is solved, but I wonder if it’s durably solved, I am somehow afraid if somebody might move the router my whole WiFi might go down. Any ideas of how to make this connection more reliable?