MOX - supported branches?

Is it possible to run TOS 3.11.X on the MOX?
Or are there any other stable branch for the MOX HW?

I am a bit confused as the instructions on likns to
And all MOX medkits seems to be TOS 4 alphaX or have I missed something


May I know if is there any issue, which do you have on Turris MOX?


I’m having sfp issues with TOS 4 alpha 3 (hbs?)
Sending all diag and i2cdump info to now by email.

It was just this evening I was trying to understand the documentation and the structure of the repo site, which is a bit confusing.
So I began to believe I was on a “cutting edge” branch when there was a stable alternative, which I am still a bit confused about.
But I’m quite new to turris and the history of your HW and OS so I have a bit of catching up to do on a lot of things.