Mox - Suggestions


Unfortunately I missed the Indiegogo campaign, hope I could buy the Turris Mox + SFP Module soon, it seems really interesting.
But I have some suggestions to make.

  1. MOX B Module
    The module is good, but I would suggest to develop another one but with the followings improvements:

    • M.2 WWAN socket, instead of mPCIe. Recent high performance LTE modems (Sierra EM7565, Quectel EM20,…) uses a M.2 interface instead of mPCIe.

    • Please, add a second SIM connector. Recent modems all support Dual-SIM. It won’t cost a lot: a connector, ESD protection and a capacitor. It won’t make the BOM a lot more expensive. If there is no space, than use a Micro or Nano SIM connectors.

    • Last point, unfortunately the Moxtet connector doesn’t support USB 3.0 yet. Hope that in future models it could be added (well, the SoC have to support enough ports too). USB 3.0 will be needed for future 5G modems or Wifi ax cards.

  2. Operating temperature
    It would be great if you could design the board to operate at temperatures below 0°C. It would open you the market to new customers.

Hope this feedback will help you to improve your product.

Thank you for these suggestions. We will see what is going to be possible and what we can take in to consideration. I am just going to say what is not going to happen at all.

Both of these are not possible with current A module. Redesigned A module with different incompatible moxtet would have to be introduced. I don’t see that likely. So that is probably not going to be Mox.

This really depends on possibility of us getting cpu switch pair from Marvel at reasonable price if they even manufacture them for such temperature range (I don’t know at the moment).

Another MOX upgrade suggestion in the form of another module: MOX U (inline UPS):

If you have a distributed switching (MOX-based) infrastructure you can keep this infrastructure running when general power is down. Without the need of separate UPS infrastructure.

Basic Mox U:
Extern: MOX case
Internal: chargable (Litihium) battery (pack) + charging electronics

  • input: current 12V DC power adapter
  • output: 12V DC patchcable to current 12V DC power plug

Managed MOX U:
Basic + internal: connected to moxtet bus -> manageable/monitoring from within turris OS

Managed PoE injector MOX U (or MOX V):
Managed + one or more RJ45 inputs -> PoE+(+) (managable) outputs (probably needs higher powered power supply)

Maybe as power input also PoE(+) can be used (for basic/Managed MOX U)