MOX shipping price

I was about to back the MOX project, but $39 seems like excessive shipping to UK for $69 item. Is that a typo or are you expecting backers to pay 35 % extra on shipping?

It includes VAT for EU customers…

@MiKe is correct. It includes VAT.

I was thinking about backing up the project. But $49 to ship a $69 item?! even if it includes the VAT, is too high (I live in EU country). It is almost twice the VAT here plus a resonable value for shipping.


I live 10 minutes from CZ.NIC office :disappointed:

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@Pepe could you please tell from what base is VAT calculated and what are the shipping costs, because VAT from 69 $ is approx. 14 $ for most EU countries and shipping for private customers for 1kg parcel is nearly the same across whole EU and for business it could be even less

It’s a little bit confusing of Indiegogo campaign because what they call “shipping” for EU recipients is actually shipping with VAT and other fees depending on shipping country.

Usually, the actual cost of transport & handling represents only about 1/3 of the total amount charged labeled as “shipping”. VAT of the product itself represents approximately 1/2 of the “shipping” price. The remaining 1/6 is composed of the Indiegogo platform & transaction fees (link) payable from whole “shipping” price and VAT of the “shipping” (except its part covering VAT of the product), we have to pay as well.

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For these countries: Spain, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta
We have more expensive shipping than for other countries in EU, so thats why there is $49 for shipping, but there exists a little chance that we will probably lower the price of shipping for these countries in perks, which will come, when the official campaign will start.

That means “shipping price” would rise considerably even if you wanted to save by buying multiple perks at once, right? (Just theoretically, as the campaign doesn’t seem to offer that option.)

EDIT: funny consequence of the VAT inclusion is that “shipping” to USA is cheaper than “shipping” within CZ.

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Will the shipping be combined when adding more options, t-shirt etc?
Or will they be shipped with individual shipping costs for each?

It seems that I can only add one item at a time, then I have to check out.
Adding a couple of items seems not possible without checking out between each?

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T-shirts will be shipped immediately once campaign ends and unfortunately it’s not possible to ship T-shirt with modules. But if you tell me what you’d like to buy I will try to ask if there is anything what I can do for you.

Thats great.

I’m trying to order the secret perk MAX AP to Classic Upgrade.
As well as a t-shirt and the MOX B module only.

But I am not able to place the three items on one order.
I can’t even place the perk and the board on one order. It appears that I have to place three orders for three items.
Which in the end would mean 4 orders counting the initial Super Early Bird, with 4 individual shipping costs.

Can some of the shipping costs be avoided?

$39 for first order.
$19 for MOX to Classic upgrade.
And then an additional $16 for a single MOX board only module.
This is a bit over the top and unless these orders shipping costs can be combined into one it’s too expensive for me unfortunately.

I really hope that you are able to find a better way to manage the cost for shipping.

I also think that $41 from CZ to CZ is really high…

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The shipping price is including VAT (it was written here many times)

All currently offered modules can be connected only once. Can I know why you would want another MOX B?
But I have a good news as it seems we’ll add a T-shirt for people, who bought Super Early Bird and then upgraded to MOX: Classic / MOX: Power Wi-Fi using our secret perks.

Wait, what? Do you mean they have some kind of EPROM which is programmed once from base unit?

Or was it meant to be said - All currently offered modules are mutually exclusive and cannot be combined (with exception of mpcie modules on extension card)

It mean that you cannot connect two or more same extension modules (or eth and sfp), such modules will be probably available later

EDIT: there is new E module that makes my answer obsolete :stuck_out_tongue: (but it is still valid for B to D modules)

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