MOX rescue image upgrades

It seems that my rescue is much older than the HBT.
Ts there an official way to upgrade the rescue image? Install some package maybe?

For hbt, download mox-medkit-latest.tar.gz from
Log in via ssh and type

schnapps import mox-medkit-latest.tar.gz

Maybe using hbt medkit is not a very good idea - I remember the developers said that medkits derived from hbt/hbd are weird in a way. You can also try hbs medkit, that one should work for sure.

It wasn’t so much that I cared about the rescue being HBT, but rather that I was reading the code there, and it was clearly way newer than the code on my MOX.

Okay, I don’t see how importing the HBT medkit will upgrade my rescue image, stored on the NOR SPI flash.

I am not sure what do you mean by rescue image. It might be just that misunderstanding but just to be sure:

@peci1 it should have been schnapps import -f to import it as factory image. That is OS (medkit) used when factory reset is performed.

There is also rescue image. I think that @mcr314 might be talking about that. It is stored in NOR and is used to perform medkit operations and other rescue modes. Mox was indeed shipped with older (but for Mox stable) version of rescue image. In development for Omnia 2019 we discovered bug in it that causes system to not read boot arguments correctly and that way only way to use rescue is trough button. This was fixed in Omnia but new version wasn’t mark as stable for Mox as we have not tested it well yet. You can use nor-update to update content of NOR. In default it just uses stable versions. You can use -d to flash development one (that is latest build) but with that you are on your own and you should be sure that you can perform serial boot to rescue your Mox if anything goes wrong as development builds are not regularly tested. (Documentation is not live yet but was merged already


Ah, my bad, sorry for the omission…

Indeed, it seems so. I was talking about factory image.

Hi, thanks for telling me about nor-update. Yes, I have serial console, and I’d prefer to use that to trying to poke the reset button when I’m testing new medkit images. I can certainly build my own rescue-images, but I’d rather just update to “fixed in Omnia” version, and just update the rescue-image, not the uboot so that I can avoid the mox-imager level of error.
I will read the source for nor-update, since -h didn’t work.
Is there a build of the newer (5.0) rescue-image that processes /proc/cmdline correctly?

“schnapps import” requires a snapshot info file, so I don’t think one can upgrade using that method.
It would be nice to make that work.