MOX red LED flashing quickly

When I plug in the power of my MOX (A+G), the red LED is on for a bit, goes off and after a short pause the LED continually flashes very quickly. What does the rapid flashing mean, please?

I’ve tried to do a hard reset (rescue mode 3), but if I start with the reset button held down, the same behaviour happens (1 long LED light, then a short pause, then continual flashing).

Module G also feels very warm when powered on (while the light is flashing). Is this normal?

OK, I think I have answered my own problem:

The rapid blinking means hardware error.

If I remove module G, I can get the AP (with only Module A) to boot up, and netboot, with the Mox visible on the network, and the LED in the heartbeat pattern.

Given how hot module G gets immediately after turning on, I suspected hardware failure. This just seems to confirm it.