Mox Recovery help needed

Hi all. After a recent change of internet service providers I lost access to Turris Mox. I have activated the recovery system and have progressed through configuring the Foris Web interface. This leaves me at Turris OS version 4. What is the best way of getting back to Turris 5.x and Nextcloud. I have ssh access to the system. Is it just a matter of rolling back using Schnapps? How to get from Turris 4.x to 5.x and install Nextcloud.


does upgrading the system with pkgupdate (ssh) work for you?

No luck - any ideas?

INFO:Target Turris OS: 5.1.10
WARN:There’s no extra option condition for a install
line not found
line not found
line not found
runtime: [string “requests”]:395: [string “utils”]:427: URI download failed: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

This thread Runtime: [string "requests"]:395: [string "utils"]:427: URI download failed: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found might have a solution. (Last post)

Following your suggestion I looked at this post. I tried to edit /etc/config/updater and remove the line luci-controls. However this did not make any difference.

I’m sorry to hear that, unfortunately I do not have an answer at hand. But your problem sounds like thse reported by other users, maybe more than one thread exists for this problem.

In my latest attempt to get Turris Mox updated from the very early 4.x recovery version, I tried to make use of the Foris save configuration tool. I found a configuration file from June 2020 and loaded this. Foris indicated success. Upon reboot unfortunately I lost the network again and cannot access Turris Mox.
Still going.

Ok. Some success. The recovery option to reflash the Turris Mox from the internet was selected. Selecting the correct sequence of blinking lights was difficult. Once activated I imagined a long download time - but after a short period I noticed the default led blinking. Then it was on to the Configuration Screen a short time later. Turris Mox is up and running the latest version.

Great to hear you were successful.