MOX PoE - PoE-injector


My first MOX (PABG) arrived and now I’m looking for a PoE-injector that maybe someone can recommend?
Is 802.3af (12,95W) enough to power a MOX with only two WiFi-modules?


There’s been a thread on the forum about PoE injectors, unfortunately only in Czech.

General rule seems to be - don’t use a cheap one and make sure it supports Gigabit Ethernet.

Unfortunately I’m not capable of understanding Czech.
What I measured that far:

  1. Idle (no connected clients) --> 6,7W to 7,2W
  2. Idle (1 client connected) --> 6,8W to 7,3W
  3. load lan (iperf) --> +0,5W
  4. load wifi 2,4GHz (iperf) --> +0,5W

5GHz is not working right now so I couldn’t do measurements yet.
All in all it seems even with a lot of clients and heavy load my MOX should not exceed the 12,95W.
I will order a TLPOE150S (TP-Link PoE Injector Gigabit 802.3af) and after testing report the result here.


I can confirm that the above mentioned adapter works as expected and reliably for around 6 days now.
Whenever this changes I will report here.