MOX not working [solved]


I just tried to setup my Mox A+G - unfortunately the device does not respond.

I connected the device to my lan router (Turris Omnia) via ethernet cable.
After power on the red light near usb is on for about 15 seconds, then off.
Network link seems to be established (constant green light on ethernet connector)
But I cannot see any new dhcp lease.

Did I miss something?

Did you read ? Did you prepare and insert a MicroSD Card? Sorry if these questions are too basic but you didn‘t provide further information

EDIT: This page is essential if your MOX has only one ethernet port:


thanks for your reply.

Yes I read the two pages - a Micro-SD card has been shipped with the device and was already prepared with turris version 4.0 .
I also tried to prepare a new one as described on - same result.

MOX has only one ethernet port and the setup is used according to the third pic on

Ethernet cable works without problems with different laptops.

now I have an dns lease for the MOX. Accessing its IP through browser ends in a timeout.
No data, no setup guide.
tcpdump shows http requests from my computer but no response from MOX .
Requesting triggers the red led on the MOX . After some seconds it goes off again.

About 5 - to 10 minutes later the device disconnects from LAN completly.

Mh okay… Can you ping it at any time? Did you try recovery mode 6? Did you set up another MicroSD Card or did you set up the included one twice?

If nothing is working you should contact support. I was able to set up my MOX with an empty MicroSD Card and recovery Mode 6 while it was connected to my existing Omnia just yesterday, so latest firmware should work…

EDIT: You could use a serial cable to see what‘s going on during boot, but I have no experience with it…

Any luck talking with support? I also have a A+G set from the crowdfund (w/ 1GB upgrade) having the same issue of no DHCP lease w/ default provided image.


device is now working - at least I got the admin interface… :slight_smile:

What I did:

  • used another sd-card like described here
  • no success
  • tried reset mode 6: Flash from the internet (new sd card still inside)
  • no success
  • tried reset mode 3 factory reset
  • success!

for using the reset button is is very useful to open the case…

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Thanks, the key step I would add after mode 3 reset is after it enters double blink mode, unplug and replug power. I can get to the Admin Dash, but it bugs out if following the guide when clicking next after setting the mode to router (or if I opt out of the guide, I can access everything but the Network Interfaces page). Is that what you mean by “at least”? Still don’t see the Mox when scanning devices from my modem/router hybrid, but small steps I guess.

Hi snarfel,

“at least” means I did something wrong with the networking settings somewhere in luci and made the device inaccessible - so I have to restart again at mode 3. IIRC I saw the bug with the interface page as you describe.

FWIW I submitted the logs to support yesterday as instructed by the error, but not sure if their support works weekends. Hopefully this launch madness comes to a close soon.

For anyone still struggling with getting MOX up.

In my case solution was to

  1. insert (empty) 16GB card
  2. insert USB with a downloaded image (gzipped)
  3. run mode 4

Also, it would be immensely helpful if the creators of this router could publish what different types of blinking mean.

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I’m missing information about blinking while in one of the modes. I tried multiple ways to make my MOX work, and sometimes (after starting mode 4 of 6) I’ve got double-blinking, sometimes triple-blinking, sometimes it changed in time, sometimes not.
From my observation the meanings are something like:

  • double blinking = missing correct file for flashing
  • triple blinking = missing storage to flash to
  • single blinking = working / finished / everything.
    But it would be really helpful to have documentation for this.
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