MOX Nextcloud https setup

Hi all. Re using https for the Nextcloud web page. Is anyone using this? When setting up Nextcloud for the first time, my focus was on getting the software operational. When Firefox came up with a security warning while accessing Nextcloud, I simply selected “Accept risk and continue” Firefox tells me the certificate used in Nextcloud cannot be verified - it is self signed. So no secure https is going to work. Now I would like to address this. One approach was to install the acme package. Both software packages acme and luci-app-acme are installed.

Has anyone had experience using the acme certificates module? I have selected “use staging server” to test the set up, but cannot determine any problems. Any ideas on how to diagnose its use and determine success or failure?

Some progress. I am getting the following output when running the run-acme script. Any ideas on how to progress this? Naturally port forwarding is set up on the router.

acme: Running pre checks for
acme: Cannot run in standalone mode; another daemon is listening on port 80.
acme: Disable other daemon or set webroot to continue.