MOX module A LED flashing like after first boot

Looks like already discussed topic except, this is not the first boot, MOX works on custom IP address, all previously done configurations are in place (NAS, mount points…) - so it is not the first boot, the blinking is exactly as on video attached above-mentioned thread. Everything seems to be working, updates were installed, reboot after updates installation was OK as well.
I haven’t found any documentation related to MOX LED signals except rescue mode man page, waht is not my case, as MOX works like a charm.
Is there a way how to check, why my MOX LED flashes the same way as after first boot?
Thanks, Ales

Hi Ales, LED heartbeat flashing means normal status on the MOX router.
Your router probably works fine.

Thanks, I thought it is expected the led not flashing once boot sequence is completed. I’ll compare it with my other MOX, whether the flashing is the same.

You may want to adjust flashing behaviour to your preferred one :wink:

There is the link to the documenatiton …

However, you can switch-off the blinking in the LuCi

When I check LED actions in LuCi, the list is empty, no customization done. I just can’t remind my other router flashing that way. Will check it later.