MOX: Lost in the setup as WiFi Repeater


I’m a little bit lost in the first setup. I got everything running and then started first setup guide. Did that and now I want to set the MOX up as a WiFi repeater.

While connected via cable I went into Luci, connected to the WiFi of the Turris and set up a new WiFi connection called “Turris_MOX”. I then removed the cable and put it up at the new place.

When I want to connect to the SSID “Turris_MOX” with my devices it does not work and states I should recheck the passwort. When I check on my computer I can see that the MOX is connected to my Omnia but when I try to open the IP in my browser it says “connection refused”.

Am I missing something? Which is the correct way of setting the MOX up as a WiFi repeater?

Ah yes. The MOX is also constantly blinking two times. What does that mean?


I am also kind of lost doing the same thing. I followed the WDS guide here: . I noticed that whenever I define the WIFI client on the mox as Client (WDS) instead of just Client, the interface will refuse to come up saying "Jun 2 10:45:09 mox1 netifd: radio0 (28770): Cannot find device “wlan0"”. No matter if I try configuring a WDS client via LUCI or command line, it does not work.


Ok, this might explain my problem:

Supported interface modes:
	 * IBSS
	 * managed
	 * AP
	 * P2P-client
	 * P2P-GO

WDS does not seem to be supported by the adapter, which is kind of sad. Nevertheless, I at least managed configuring the mox as wireless client for my TV using relayd.