Mox Indiegogo campaign questions

Hi there,

I was thinking about backing the current campaign on Indiegogo regarding the Mox but I have a few questions left and didn’t know where to ask them - so I hope this is the right spot…

Basically I am more or less experienced with Linux but never had any OpenWRT router. We have a DS-Lite internet connection and all IPv4-traffic is therefore tunneled over IPv6.
Currently our server/switches are connected via regular LAN (Cat7e) but we are currently checking on SFP modules with LC-fibre-wires. We have no wireless setup currently but we are looking forward to have a redundant connection for our master server in case of any bigger failure to at least have any remote access. We have a SIM card already for this kind of setup (LTE) but no hardware yet.

So we thought of the Mox being a good choice for this kind of setup.
I think we would need the basic module A and the extension module B for the wireless LTE stuff (btw. do you have any recommendation for a cheap mPCIe module which is compatible?). And then we should also buy the modules C and D (C for now, since we need the LAN-ports and D for future setups regarding the SFP). I know we can’t use C&D together but they will work with the other modules withuot problems, right?

Is all this correct and working properly? How much do we need to configure, specially regarding the LAN/WAN setup (since we have the SFP as LAN and not as WAN like this seems to be intended)?
And is there any package that suits our needs? It feels wrong to buy all this as single parts, not even mentioning the shipping costs summing up. I know, these include VAT in Europe, but is there any way to get a special offer or something?

Shipping would be to Germany.
Thanks for any help or comments!

You may be better off with the Omnia. It comes stock with both 2.4 and 5Ghz wireless at the same time (two of the PCI slots), with a free slot where you can add an LTE modem, and external antennas. It also has the SFP onboard. Omnia is a metal case, and you put an aluminum block on the LTE module to conduct heat to the case shell. As I understand it, LTE modems under load get pretty hot, and lack of cooling kills the hardware.

You might be able to get this to work with a MOX A + B + D + E, but note that you can’t do both wireless bands with the LTE and MOX at the same time (limited to one pci module, plus whatever wifi solution can connect directly to A). The Omnia gives you your choice of 3 cards (with the caveat that only one slot that can address a SIM, and another slot that can directly do msata). I don’t yet know if the E module has a software configurable switch, either.


Thanks for the heads up - I wasn’t really aware of the Omnia actually. It sounds like a decent piece of hardware, too - at least covering our needs.

Can Omnia also run TurrisOS or is it “limited” to OpenWRT? I read different articles, some stating modified OpenWRT (I guess this means TurrisOS) and some just say OpenWRT…

It’s the other way. Omnia primarily runs TurrisOS. OpenWRT support was lagging and it reportedly isn’t fully complete yet.

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Just to clear the software part of the question, both Omnia and MOX are running TurrisOS which is based on OpenWRT. So you get basically OpenWRT if you are familiar with it (with some nice integrations on top), but if you are not familiar with OpenWRT, you can use our much easier interface that also comes with Turris OS.

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