Mox hardware problems solved after reassembly

I am a happy user of Turris Omnia. Recently I received my classic mox (A+B+C) but I was really disappointed. It just didn’t work. No dhcp in ethernet module C. I even tried with static IP and captured traffic but nothing changed.
After that I tried to connect my PC to the ethernet in module A. Same problems.
I read the forum and found a good suggestion: disconnect all the modules but A. First sign of light. I could do a basic configuration after many resets 4. But when I connected modules B and C stopped to work.
After more than two hours of testing different things I decided to open the router and separate all the pieces. I wanted to make sure that everything was well connected (I didnt wan’t to think about a real hardware problem). And that was the solution. Everything worked after the reassembly. Even the PoE.
Maybe the shipping was too hard for the Mox. Hope this helps someone


My router arrived with SDIO wifi cables disconected. I also suspect rough handling in shipping.
Maybe opening the router and checking everything first can prevent a lot of issues. I can imagine anything else could came loose if it had been shipped somewhere else than Prague.