MOX firmware update w/o button on the backside

After automatic update to the 6.0 Turris OS my Mox had significant issues with WiFi

mwifiex_sdio mmc0:0001:1: CMD_RESP: cmd 0xb1 error, result=0x1
mwifiex_sdio mmc0:0001:1: Failed to start the BSS
mwifiex_sdio mmc0:0001:1: Failed to start AP

I had made factory reset but update to the any other version other than 4.x was not possible due to

inconsistent: Candidate exists for virtual package ath10k-firmware-qca9888-ct-htt

Then I decided to update firmware from the file, but… there is no button on the backside!!!
2022-11-18 15.21.25
I’m not sure it’s ok…

What I should do?

shouldn’t the back button be in the small hole next to power? (check docs)

It should be, but it’s missing. There is no (plastic?) part at the button (see right top side of the image below) and it’s looks like that my MOX had been shipped without it. Maybe it’s possible to replace this plastic part with something else, but I don’t know how it works :wink:

i guess it’s the thing marked as BT1 next to power input and it should be pushed by thin pin

can you contact the support line?


If you could open A module cover you will find a button there, I missing.

Thank you!
I send them a link to this post by e-mail.

Could you share a photo of the top of the bare board? It’d be interesting to see it =)


So the BT1 part is there. You say it doesn’t have the button on it?

You see.
You can compare photos I made with a photo from MOX documentation, I posted above, or a photo of another MOX I asked for my colleague.

By the way, being unable to use button, I also had attempt to update firmware using following guide, but on the same sd card as I had in MOX, playing with btrfs subvolume names, but it doesn’t work too.

/mnt/sd/@ to /mnt/sd/@old
/mnt/sd/@new to /

At this time I had 4.0.5 version installed with 4.14.162 kernel

So you’re saying you cannot press this part, right? Is the black piece of plastic missing?


I don’t have a MOX at hand right now, but usually these buttons’ pins protrude the whole PCB and are accessible from the other side. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING ADVICE HAS A RISK OF DAMAGING YOUR ROUTER OR INJURING YOU IF YOU DO IT WRONG! You can try manually shorting these pins with a piece of metal. Be absolutely sure you short the correct pins, though, and only those pins! If you’re not sure, don’t do it and wait for support.

Yep, that’s missing. :slight_smile:

What for shorting pins, I thought I can’t do it so fast to get system to the necessary rescue mode. In this way it much easier to find a place where I can repair it. But I hope it might be much easier way :wink:

Just an FYI, I’m in the same boat :slightly_smiling_face: MOX firmware update w/o button on the backside

Support line seems to be broken. They asked for S/N and then disappeared… :wink:

I’m afraid that we didn’t disappear anywhere. :wink:

Your ticket is being discussed internally. We don’t need anything more from you, and we don’t have anything new for you, yet.
I would like to ask you for your patience. It will be helpful because our support department is currently dealing with approx. ~60 opened tickets, which they need to respond. They are not used to having many tickets opened. Sometimes, it takes time to know what is happening. For sure, there are processes and things that we can improve until then if I can, I’m responding there, too.

Pepe, thank you for keeping me informed! Hope to hear any advices from your side soon!

P.S. I made attempt to boot from fresh SD card with extracted to /@, but it doesn’t work – connected device can’t get ip address from MOX.

Using another MOX I’ve managed to get Turris OS 5.4.4, but updater going to update to Turris OS 6.0.3 while I have MOX with SDIO.

Even switching to another branch with switch-branch --force hbs-sdio doesn’t help – I can’t install other required packages.

What I need to do?

@wwahammy I’ve got email from support with proposal to buy new module A with delivery for ≥50 eur, while, as you mentioned completely same problem, it seems to be factory defect. And still no support with other issues mentioned (reflashing, updating to the right version).

I think it’s not ok.