MOX Default Firewall Settings


The firewall with default settings seems very open, with most connections being accepted.

I looked at the iptables rules on the MOX as well using ssh, and it appeared the same, is this normal?


Did you enable data collection?


The version of foris on MOX does not appear to have all of the same options as that referenced in the docs if that box is checked.

Does this affect the firewall rules if selected?


I didn‘t get my MOX yet, but I think on my Omnia this is the case. On the first screenshot in the linked document you can see that ucollect emulates open services to WAN, which requires some firewall rules…


I see, the foris version running on the MOX that I have (currently modules A and E) does not show the Data Collection tab at all.

This is with the ucollect packages and such installed from the Updater tab.

Maybe its still a work in progress for MOX.