Mox and sfp sercomm fgs202

i wanted to remplace my Orange’s Livebox by my Turris Mox.

But i I plug my module SFP, the Mox restarts.
I have tried with another sfp Sercomm same model, same problem.

I have tried with the os turris os 4 and an os build with buildroot.
When i use the uart connexion, i see an arror message :

sfp sfp: failed to read EEPROM: -121

Can somebody help me please :slight_smile:

Hello @doudootiana,

Can you please turn off your Turris MOX and plug the SFP module only when Turris MOX is powered off and then turn it on? There is a possibility that hotplug for SFP is not supported.

Turris OS version 4.0 is no longer supported and you should be using the latest major version, which is Turris OS 5.0, which is based on OpenWrt 19.07 version.

hy i have tried to boot the Mox with the sfp plugged, but same error.

I have tested two sfp :
-sercomm fgs202
-huawei ma5671a

do you a name of sfp modul gpon onu which you know it works :slight_smile: