MOX A Tether to USB port and use Ether for LAN

I’m curious if the above mentioned in the title is possible. I was able to successfully load the MOX, and wanted to see if its possible for me to tether my android smartphone to the single USB 3.0 port on MOX A and then use the ethernet port on MOX A for the LAN output.

This would enable me to use MOX A as a router until the other bits arrive.

I tried performing this, however in LuCi it does not recognize my android smartphone (Pixel 3XL) so I can not add it as a WAN interface.

When I noticed this I then logged into my MOX A board via SSH as root and from the shell used the ‘ip link’ command in order to view the network interfaces. From here I noticed that it did not see any USB network interfaces, and toggling USB tethering on and off on my smartphone did not cause any network interfaces to appear or disappear.

Is it possible to configure MOX A in the manner described so I can use it as a router by itself until the other bits are shipped?

HI. I have a similar question: can I connect WAN via USB-ETH adapter? I do this on RPI.

There’s a bunch of different usb ethernet drivers as kmods. Looking at you probably want either the package kmod-usb-net-rndis or kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether.

here’s how it works, also for turris omnia: