Move OS to SSD?


I installed a miniPCI SSD in my TO and used Foris to move /srv to /dev/sda.

Question: Is there a script for moving the entire OS partition of the SSD? Is this a dumb question?

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  1. Two partition on SSD (one OS, second for /srv/).

Thank you @JardaB. The article in #2 says it applies only to the black model. I can’t find one for the 2020 model which I should’ve clarified is what I have.

Is there a guide for #1?

Unfortunately, I can’t advise on this difference.

But I don’t know why you don’t leave THE TOS where it is and use the mSATA SSD with two partitions as your /srv/. Transferring the system to an SSD can wait. Therefore, you have no reason. A system on an SSD is a necessity if the basic memory with the system (like me and others) fails.

I must warn you. that the system on the SSD will not allow simple rescue using flashback function using 1-5 ? LEDs.

Thank you for the clarification.

I recently read at OpenWRT about this being possible and wanted to give it go. The explain about this being an option if storage capacity is an issue.

They also mention about overusing your flash and potential gains in performance. I’m mostly interested in the second but I wanted to try it out to see the reality of it in the TO.

Perhaps even script something that allows to set the TO to run off the SSD but if the flash as back up.

Installing the system on an SSD will give you some performance? The router is not performance dependent on write-read operations. If you’re missing space, add the SSD and use it. I don’t know about any multiboot script. You’re either installing one or the other.

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Using SSDs is more about resiliency in the long run, but Thank you for the clarification.

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